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Need a Life Re-set?

A life that's on track is a life lived by design.

All too often people end up living their lives by default taking what comes along and dealing with today's circumstances and urgencies. 

And wondering...'there has to be more'...


We all deserve to live the life we envision for ourselves. That is our birthright. To take control and responsibility for our lives and proactively create a plan that aligns and embodies with our most cherished

values and deepest needs. 

Life ON TRACK is an easy to follow step-by-step online program and action planner created to address your roadblocks and find the clear paths to living a life intentionally....



Ever asked yourself...?

“How did I get here?
How did life get so hard?"

Ever thought this...?

"I know there's a better version of me...I'm capable of so much more."

Ever promised yourself this? 

"I'll start tomorrow..."


Creator & Founder of Life ON TRACK

In life, I have found myself 'off track' a few times. And I kept searching for something to help address every aspect of my life and put it in some kind of order. Something that could break through my cluttered thoughts and obstacles and bring forward everything I've ever wanted for myself. And for me when life is 'out of whack' it's often hard to know where to start - because it feels so overwhelming. For me it affected my mental health and I needed easy tangible steps within my grasp that didn't feel so intimidating.

I arrived at a place in my life where I was no longer willing to carry around the regrets of all the opportunities I passed up and of the life I wanted for myself. 


Dedicated to self-development and a speaker on self leadership I created something for myself to help me decipher how to live my life more intentionally and joyfully. It became obvious that this could help millions of other people too. 


I kept telling myself I had to get my 'life on track' and in the process discovered how I could help millions of people too. Life works in mysterious ways and I'm thrilled to be sharing it with all of you. 


Because we all deserve to live Life..On Track. 

When life feels off course, it's time to take control 

For many people, life gets complicated. There's so much to think about and consider. Often what stops people is the 'not knowing'...what they really want, where to start, what steps to take. 


We got you. 

The Life ON TRACK Online Program is a guided process to uncover what really matters to you and how to get it. 

The work-at-your-own pace Life On TRACK program is broken down into

three components:

Image by Jessica D. Vega


You'll be guided through a re-discovery process to determine what matters most in all areas of your life.

Image by Patrick Perkins


Then help you sort through it to create a pathway that makes sense to you. 

going up at dawn_edited_edited.png


And then show you how to shift from doing. 

Make the life you want a reality. 

Life by Design. Life on Purpose. 

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