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The Business of Sales
Memos for Changing Times

The Business of Sales
Memos for Changing Times

I’ve spent the majority of my career in sales leadership roles.

I’ve experienced and observed the evolution and all that’s changed.

I was inspired to write this book to provide other B2B sales leaders and professionals insights and strategies on what matters most in this fast evolving world of technology. To understand the changes in how we sell, what we sell and why we sell it.


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Technology pushes
us forward
whether we’re ready or not.

Are you ready?


Will you be left behind?



Consultant, Speaker, Sales & Leadership Expert, Author, Mental Health Advocate.

I've spent the majority of my career in sales leadership positions and have worked with global corporations leading enterprise sales teams in both Canada and USA. I have coached the best of the best sales executives and and taught sales & marketing at a renowned college for business degree students. 

This book is based on my direct experiences and how I see the world progressing in the business of sales and what it's going to take to stay in the game. 

Some of the important discussions in this book:

Technology and productivity: the question if salespeople are more or less productive with the advancements in technology.

Social Responsibility: why we’re not only selling products & services but selling our values and our commitment to the world too.

Leadership in sales: and the importance of why everyone needs to sell.

The Future Drivers: The industries and products of the future and the one ability human beings  need to leverage.

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