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I've had a very diverse career path. From global sales in the world of hotels and hospitality to creating a professional theatre company from the ground up; as a corporate executive to entrepreneur... it all gave me the versatility and skills to transcend a fast evolving world that I can apply wherever opportunity calls.


I've not only learned the art of discernment—when to persist and when to pivot but I’ve developed the art of forging unconventional paths and how to leverage my distinct arsenal of skills.

And I want to empower others to do the same. 


Now as the founder of tizTALKS - I'm bridging multi-disciplinary skills, inspiration, innovation, and action for businesses and individuals.


As a Speaker, I inspire and motivate people and organizations to break through old ways, become masters at how to stay at the forefront and remain relevant and be brave enough to lead the way. 


As a Consultant, I offer practical and tactical strategic solutions to help organizations evolve and make something great happen. (And I can light a fire under a team to achieve new heights!)

What is tizTALKS?



tizTALKS is where inspiration meets action in the realms of leadership and and self-development. Originally conceived as a moniker for my podcast, tizTALKS has evolved and embodies the powerful ethos that guides my work and passion — rooted in the profound yet brutally honest notion that "we take ourselves wherever we go."

Dedicated to fostering a culture of self-leadership, tizTALKS encourages both individuals and organizations to chart their course by breaking ties with the things that hold them back and leading bravely and learning how to stay relevant in a fast evolving world. The commitment extends beyond mere guidance; tizTALKS propels individuals and organizations to step cultivate their creativeness and what makes them so unique and step boldly into their unlimited potential. 


We invite you to join us on this transformative journey where tizTALKS serves as more than just a name; it's a catalyst for realizing your ambitions and unlocking the doors to unparalleled success.

At the heart of tizTALKS lies a singular mission:
To empower people to triumph in both their professional pursuits and personal aspirations.

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going up at dawn_edited_edited.png

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