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I help people to become all of who they already are

For most of my life I struggled with defining myself as just 'one thing'.
I thought something was wrong with me.

We take ourselves wherever we go....Our entire selves.


I've spent most of my adult life searching for clarity…for that one thing that I could truly get behind and say 'this is me - this is what I’m meant to do - this is what I love! I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars hiring professional coaches and therapists to help me figure it out. That AHA never came primarily because I kept searching for something that I would never be satisfied with. And because I had abandoned my early dreams and passions and nothing after that could take its place. 

Since I was a little girl I was the consummate performer. Singing competitions, acting, speaking contests and 'putting on a show' any chance I had. I had big dreams for myself. But as an impressionable young female in the 70’s and 80’s, those big dreams met up with a lot of resistance and lack of support from the people who I thought loved me.  They discouraged me and talked me out of things. And I listened. And the message I carried with me for a long time was 'dreams come true are for other people'.


I ended up literally falling into corporate career paths and quite successfully. I stayed with it out of duty and to pay the bills and support my family. I accomplished a lot of great things that I'm proud of and I don't regret the experiences, wisdom, skill development and life lessons it all gave me. But there was always something missing. It was me...I was missing. I was so much more than all my corporate job titles. I had so much I wanted to give but that was often perceived as threatening. Do what the job description outlines was the mantra. I was over worked and under utilized living a life in 'default'. 

The 'clarity' finally came when I realized that I'm never going to find or be ONE THING that fulfills me. I will never be just one thing. I have so many sides to me that needs to be nurtured and not kept dormant or hidden. Just because I had a successful career in sales & leadership doesn't mean that's all I am or all I have to offer. Yet, the question remained... how do I create a business and a life that honors all parts of me that aren't necessarily connected to one another without confusing the heck out of everyone?

And then it struck me... If I'm thinking and feeling this way - likely many other people are too.


We are all more than one thing - a unique mosaic of amazing natural qualities and talents, skills and experience, passions and interests. That's our unique super-power and we should never deny all that we are. I decided that tizTALKS would be dedicated to not only all things I am passionate about but to foster and encourage others to step into all that they are too. 

Who Am I?  Well, I'm an entrepreneur, a writer, speaker, a singer and entertainer, a sales professional, mental health advocate as someone who struggles with anxiety, ADHD and PTSD. I'm both a self-leadership student and teacher, a home stager with a keen interest in real estate, a love for food, coffee and all things Italian! Music underscores my life and I'm a bit of a 70's queen. I am a health & fitness enthusiast that adores the sunshine, water and travel. I love helping people succeed and 

What's tizTALKS?  We are in the early stages of building tizTALKS as an digital online company of helpful resources and information. It's based on my own personal experiences and passions to hopefully help and encourage you to be the best at all that you are.  It was founded with the self-leadership idea that 'we take ourselves wherever we go'. Because when the chips are down, no one is going to advocate for you, support you, heal you, advance you and make your dreams come true... like you yourself can. 


So here we are today with a small library of information and resources in the three main categories so far:


  • Business & Leadership - the practical skills stuff

  • The Home Front - all things related to living, decorating, owning, buying, renting homes - because we all need a solid base called home. 

  • Coming Soon: Self-development & personal journeys - the often ambiguous stuff 

Most importantly tizTALKS is a place where you'll be inspired to be all that you are and where I get to share and be all that I am. Let's see where this goes from here. I hope you stay with me....

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