Tiziana Fathers


​Meet Tiz Founder of tizTALKS Productions, Podcaster, Speaker, Mental Health Advocate. 

Hi I'm Tiz and I'm so glad you're here.
I spent a big part of my life making things harder for me. I allowed being a perfectionist to control me. It only led to increased anxiety, serious heartbreak and pain. I've had a few restarts and resets that were tough. People could only see the external confidence but really that was just my protective shell. Because inside, I was scared to death of what others thought of me. And that became a self-sabotaging prophecy to more pain and rejection. My past traumatic events were controlling my future and the only one I was hurting was myself. It was time to call a spade a spade and start empowering myself. 
When bad things happen, we have two choices. Allow it to change us in a way that makes us defensive, untrusting, and fearful or we can turn our pain into our purpose and well, get real with ourselves.
 I developed a true thirst for self-inquiry, self-development and self-leadership. I had to release self-punishment, self-criticism, and self-neglect.I discovered this is where true power resides. It meant rolling up my sleeves and doing the work.Humbling? You better believe it. I am the common denominator in my life. That means when things keep recurring, attracting the same kind of people, feeling the same discontent and anxiousness, I need to connect the dots. Only I can change that. I had to free myself and get real.
We take ourselves wherever we go. We can't escape ourselves. 
Leading our best lives, means making sure we give ourselves the attention and investment we deserve. I had put everyone else ahead of my own needs...I was on the bottom of my own list.
I had to make "me" a top priority.
To have fulfillment in our work, success in our relationships, and living up to our potential means fighting and advocating for ourselves - not to the world but to the one inside us that says 'you're not worth it.'
I had to quit and let go of a lot of things and my distorted view of the world. 

A Little Background...

I spent the majority of my professional career as an executive with national and global corporations. I worked hard. I became known for my creativity and bringing new ideas into reality that produced big results. (To read more about my chronological career check out my LinkedIn profile.) I have solid hard skills and a decent bio. But what I'm most grateful for is the access to high-quality leadership training, executive coaching, and my own commitment to personal therapy & counseling that helped to smash old ways and beliefs to allow a more bona fide self to emerge. 

Fast Forward to Today...

Having made the transition from the world of big business to that of my own small yet mighty enterprise, I've discovered the voice I always knew I had and to use it to help and empower others.


This is my passion. To speak and share about my own experiences, knowledge, and ridiculously hard lessons learned. My goal is to propel others to prioritize themselves and quit all that sabotages them. Imagine living the life you deeply desire and taking your business to the next level...let's talk. 


tizTALKS Productions is a multi-faceted speaker-centric company that includes Keynote Speaking, Podcasting, and Self-Leadership Workshops. 


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