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Tiziana Fathers
Founder & Creator of tizTALKS
and Life ON TRACK


What is tizTALKS?

tizTALKS began in 2016 as a platform for my sales and leadership consulting and speaking projects and a great title for my podcast show but has since evolved and expanded as a digital online company providing helpful guides, books, tools and motivating information for individuals and organizations. It was inspired and founded with the self-leadership idea that 'we take ourselves wherever we go'. The purpose of tizTALKS is to help people be their best selves living their best lives.

What does Tiz do?

I'm an ex-corporate sales executive in the hospitality sector, an entrepreneur, a writer, platform speaker, a certified sales and leadership professional. I've led, coached and mentored many people with a solid track record for delivering results. As founder of tizTALKS and the Life ON TRACK program,  I'm passionate about strategy, self-development and self leadership helping people step into their power. 

Passion Project I'm proud of: Back in 2003 myself and long time friend Ken Wright co-founded a professional theatre company in efforts to enhance arts & culture as well as drive tourism. This grass-root effort led to a multi-million dollar theatre funded by all levels of government that now runs and operates by Drayton Entertainment. 

The inspiration to create the
Life ON TRACK program...


After far too many losses and painful endings in my life, I struggled to get back on track. Frankly, I was down for the count and couldn't take even one more blow. Until I experienced a series of health issues that rocked me to the core. Call it a wake-up call, but I knew I could no longer live my life on the path I was on.


It doesn't matter how old you are or where you are in life, we owe it to ourselves to keep on keepin' on! I had to let go of some old limiting beliefs. I had to dig deep to rediscover that spirited and tenacious person filled with so much energy and creativity. I had to take some chances. Relinquish the fears and hangups and lean into the realm of endless possibilities in order to experience real joy, real meaning and true success.


How many times do I need to start over in this life? Apparently a few times! The key is to not let it destroy your spirit. To take the lessons as a wiser, smarter person and get back up and get excited for what the future can hold. I learned after a lot of hard knocks, just how resilient I really am and I'm worth the effort to keep reaching for everything and anything I've ever wanted for myself. If I don't fight for myself...who will? 


Life ON TRACK began as one woman's plan. And in the quest to change the course of my own life, the opportunity to help others live more purposeful and intentional was born. 

I know this is a common story of struggles, setbacks and comebacks but I hope it inspires people to make their life story and epic one! 

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