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Career Pivots...I've Had a Few

This Linkedin & Blog Post is sentiment from my own experience having had many career

turn of events, start overs and being in that ‘tunnel’...the in-between stage of where I was and where I wanted to be and just how valuable that time in that tunnel really is.


Looking back on my career path was akin to a game of Snakes and Ladders full of unexpected twist and turns. Some moves were amazing and while others were blindsiding.

Countless people have faced the harsh reality of a sudden job loss due to downsizing, organizational reshuffles etc. The staggering impacts of the pandemic and advancements in AI and technology have also reshaped industries and eliminating jobs. Nothing is secure.

Honest, hard-working people who did all the right things, delivered what they were supposed to, who went above and beyond with their time and effort. And still…it wasn’t… enough.

It can happen to anyone at anytime. It makes you question your worth and direction. It can be a massive blow to your confidence.

I recently read that losing your job has the same impact on your health as losing a loved one. And it certainly did for me. And I wish I could say it gets easier the older you get. It doesn’t. It gets trickier. And for quite a while, I felt invisible. I felt lost, unsafe and very alone.

We learn valuable lessons in times like this. We cultivate resilience when doors close. And we become far more creative in where and how to open new doors and finding new pathways.

There's truth that every setback is not merely an ending…but rather a beginning. A fresh start.

When we can turn a bad situation into a massive opportunity, it is a powerful shift. When you start to unleash the untapped reservoir of that potential inside you…wow.. that is potent. It can lead you to the pinnacle of your aspirations. The life you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

So, if you’re grappling about your next career move and wondering what’s next…consider it a summons from life itself.

Yes, you’ve been called upon.

It’s a call to rediscover your most cherished goals. It’s a poke and nudge to move you towards something you’ve always wanted to do. To embrace your uniqueness in finding true fulfillment and a purpose that ignites a passion in you so much, that it propels you out of bed every morning.

Look for it. Reach for it. You are not lost. You are being re-directed.

Seize the opportunity given to turn your life goals into reality, because the world needs what you have.

And in the wise words of Ross Geller..."PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT!"


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