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Embracing Life on Your Terms: Live According to Your Deepest Desires, Values, and Needs

Life is filled with constant choices, experiences, and opportunities. And each day presents us with a myriad of decisions to make, from what to wear in the morning to more important and profound choices about our health, money, careers, relationships, and life paths. It’s too easy to get caught up in the expectations of others. It pressures us to offer up our deepest needs and dreams in exchange for being accepted. It’s not easy living life according to our deepest desires, values, and needs but it’s a path that give us a true sense of purpose, and happiness.

And so we live with the dilemma of regret.

Regret is a universal human emotion. We've all experienced it at some point in our lives, whether it's regret over a missed opportunity, a failed relationship, something we said or did, or an unfulfilled dream. According to research, a staggering 72% of people have regrets about their choices regarding education, career and relationships. It reveals a troubling reality: many individuals are not living in alignment with their core values and needs.

The question then becomes: Why do so many people live with regret?

The answer often lies in fear of failure. Many of us choose paths that are not authentically our own because we're afraid of the humiliation of failure. We want to fit in, be liked and accepted and loved and so we find ourselves pleasing others and avoiding the discomfort of stepping outside our comfort zones.

The thing is when we don’t live aligned to our higher selves, it has profound consequences on our lives. It can lead to feelings of emptiness, unhappiness, and unfulfillment. We might achieve external success but still feel a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction. The toll on our mental and emotional well-being can be immense when we are not authentically ourselves.

But the good news is that every single day we are given a new opportunity to break free from the cycle of living for others and start living for ourselves.

Get back in touch with yourself: It starts by making ourselves a priority as we reacquaint and embrace our authenticity. Sometimes we don't even know what we want anymore and requires some reflection to rediscover what we really want and what truly makes us happy.

Set Boundaries: Learning to say "no" is the first step towards aligning with your values. We do this not for others but for ourselves. It's an act of self-love and making yourself a priority. Other's learn why it's important, what's acceptable and what isn't and leads to greater understanding.

Get outside your comfort zone: this is where true growth happens. Pursuing your passions and dreams often requires taking risks, whether it's starting a new career, ending a toxic relationship, launching a business, or traveling the world. There is no reward when we play safe and play small.

Surround yourself with people who support you and your goals: Seek out mentors, join like-minded communities, and build a network of individuals who encourage and inspire you.

So ask yourself…

What are the regrets that weigh heaviest on your heart?

What small steps can you take today to begin to align your life more closely with your true self?

How can you start prioritizing your own needs while still being responsible and maintaining healthy relationships with loved ones?

What fears are holding you back from living life on your terms, and how can you overcome them?

Living life on your terms means self-discovery, self-acceptance, and giving yourself the green light for self-expression. Let's not become part of the 72% of people living with regrets.

Your authentic life is waiting for you. Check out the Life ON TRACK program - a great tool to help you get the life you want.


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